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Why Us?

CSP stands for Customer Service Point. It is basically a small bank branch which any person or a local retailer can open in their areas. With these CSPs, the retailers can offer all the banking facilities to their customers. That means, the customers do not have to visit the banks every time they want to do any important transaction. The CSP will work as a small bank branch of a bank and work as its portal in that specific area. Almost all the banks in India provide CSP services. So, if any retailer, shopkeeper, or individual is interested in becoming a CSP owner, banks will allow them to do so. However, Digital Service CSP will help all of the interested people in making this thing easier for them.

Details Required for Registration Form

Documents Required • Aadhar
• Pan
• Bank Passbook
• Photo
• Signature
Area/ Space • Small Store & Home Based Store/Office

Eligibility • No Higher Education Required
• Computer Operating
• Mobile App Operating
Procedure Step By Step Step 1- Document Verification
Step 2- Instant Approval
Step 3- Paid Registration Fee
Step 4- Successful Registrationss

What Will Be Received Retailer • Received User Id & Password
• Received Certificate
• Recived Poster Banner
• Received Software & Portal By Courier
• Store Setup & Training
Received Devices Kit on Yearly Rent**

**Received Devices Kit on Yearly Rent 1 Set Computer Desktop | 1pc Laptop | 1pc Passbook Printer | 1pc Lejer Printer | 1pc Mini ATM Aadhar Based Machine | 1pc Biometric Machine | 1set CCTV 2 Camera(1Bullet+1Dome) | 1pc Wifi Router | 1pc Internet Hotspot | Note- Device will be delivered by courier.